Timing Belt Servicing & Replacement

Timing Belt Servicing & Replacement

As the name suggests, the timing belt in your car keeps time. It is located right in front of the car’s engine for most car makes and models. Some companies also refer to timing belts with other names such as a cam belt or a camshaft drive belt.
A timing belt is toothed and made of rubber and can wear and tear over time. Its proper functioning is very important for the health of your car as it ensures that there is correct synchronisation between the camshaft and the crankshaft. When these two components are synchronised they ensure proper opening and closing of the engine valves that in turn maintain the engine’s internal combustion.
Ignoring proper checks and services for the timing belt in your car can mean a disaster can occur suddenly when the timing belt breaks completely and damages your car severely. Because they are so critical to the proper functioning of the engine in your car, you must get them replaced or repaired timely. This is the job of not every mechanic as there are specific manufacturer’s recommendations that must be met with. You can trust BCS Workshop for all such jobs.

How can we help you?

We can look for cracks or other issues with the timing belt of your car when we thoroughly inspect your vehicle. As part of our servicing the timing belt, we will ensure we check and repair any issues with

the camshaft setting

the timing belt setting.

the valve timing

How we repair a broken timing belt

We will diagnose what the exact issue is with your car’s timing belt and talk to you about it.

We will be transparent with you about the issues we find with the timing belt – whether it is elongation, cracking, wearing down of edges or even teeth stripping.

Our state-of-the-art service centre in Mulgrave can cater for all types of car repairs and parts’ replacement – be it any make or model.

We will find the best and cost-effective solution to either repair the faulty timing belt or replace it with an original high-quality timing belt.

We are not any other car mechanic. Our workmanship is recognised by the industry-leading company Bosch and our customers speak highly of our services.

The advantage you have with BCS Workshop is that we can look for defects with your timing belt much before they turn into major issues or cause harm to you and your family while you are on a ride.
So, don’t put the lives of your family at risk. If you suspect anything is wrong with the timing belt in your car, don’t wait any longer and contact our experts.

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“Very good service! I love the manager, and all the staffs are very professional, will come again. Finally, found a very good place for my car. “

Yu Charles

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