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Car Exhaust Repairs

Reliable Car Exhaust Service In Melbourne

BCS Workshop has been in business for over a decade and has immense experience in car exhaust service repair. Our qualified mechanics and fitters carry out the exhaust and custom repair work. We do not consider any job as small and give our 100% to whatever we put our hands into. Unlike many others, we guarantee all our exhaust parts and workmanship.

Full Range Service and Maintenance

At BCS Workshop, we offer full range of services and maintenance that will extend your exhaust system’s life. We ensure to deliver outstanding services that reduce the chance of costly repairs down the road.  Our expert mechanics perform a detailed system inspection and suggest the best ways of maintaining any potential trouble areas.

Available In Nearby Suburbs

Our specialised exhaust repair and other automotive services are available near you. We provide services across Melbourne and surrounding areas, including Ferntree Gully, Chadstone, Box Hill, Clayton, Noble Park, and more. Check out our website for more. 

Trusted & Licensed

BCS Workshop is a licensed and certified car repair service centre by VACC and IAME. We offer genuine dealership alternatives at fair deals. With us, you don’t have to worry about your car’s safety and originality. 

To book our services, call us on (03) 9501 0011.

Expert technicians at an affordable price.

Our Experts Will Take Care Of Everything

At BCS Workshop, we can make a difference to your car’s performance by adding a high-quality extractor that can

  • improve the fuel economy
  • make the engine cooler
  • increase the towing power
  • increase the torque (in case you have a 4-wheel drive).

Committed to Excellence

Catalytic converters convert the harmful gases released from a car’s exhaust system into environmentally friendly gases. A fully functional catalytic converter not only ensures your family is not breathing any poisonous air while on a ride, it also ensures our mother nature remains pure at the same time. Our trained team of qualified technicians can repair a faulty catalytic converter, so it works efficiently.

Why BCS Workshop for your exhaust system repairs?

  • Our workmanship is backed by the industry-leading company Bosch.
  • We house a big range of exhaust systems that can suit almost all makes and models of cars and light-weight vehicles.
  • We provide full guarantee on our service and use of spare parts.
  • We have a state-of-the-art workshop in Mulgrave and handle all repairs as an independent service and repair centre.
  • We have the expertise to fix any issues with your car’s exhaust system to maximise its efficiency and prevent any harmful gases to be released from your vehicle.

Our Repairs

BCS Workshop is the only choice for reliable, professional and affordable car services in Melbourne. Here is how we can help you keep your car safe and sound.

Whether your car needs a complete engine overhaul, mechanical repairs or a simple tune-up. Our experts are ready to help.

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We offer specialist transmission servicing and repair just for you so you can stay on the road for longer, and enjoy the smooth ride you deserve.

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If your car is showing signs of worn-out suspension or steering, it is time that you see car service professionals like BCS Workshop to get them replaced.

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Your brakes are critical to your safety. We can check the condition of all brake system components at regular intervals to keep you safe and sound.

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Our car air conditioning experts will keep you cool all year-round with our comprehensive servicing, investigate and repair any leaks or regas services.

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Having your battery inspected and charging system checked will give you a peace of mind you will never get stuck by the roadside.

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At BCS Workshop, all your car exhaust system muffler repair, catalytic converter and service needs are covered. With this, we ensure your vehicle’s highest performance.

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Every car model/make has a recommended time to change the timing belt. We keep a check on this and use high-quality timing belts when it’s time to replace them.

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If you are experiencing clutch malfunction or problems and need a clutch check-up or replacement services in Mulgrave, BCS Workshop can help.

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We can help you with radiator repairs, replacement and servicing for cars and trucks in Melbourne. We use only OEM-approved genuine radiators of the cars to ensure that your car's warranty is not breached.

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A bad CV axle can emit noise that increases with speed. At BCS Workshop, we will inspect the potential risks and ensure prompt CV shaft replacement services to ensure the safety and support of your vehicle.

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BCS Workshop offers affordable prices for servicing even the most complex head gasket failures. We fix problems like blown head gaskets, cylinder-to-coolant leaks, coolant-to-cylinder leaks, and even coolant-to-oil leaks.

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Our happy Customers

BCS Workshop is the only choice for reliable, professional and affordable car services in Melbourne. Here is how we can help you keep your car safe and sound.

“Very good service! I love the manager, and all the staffs are very professional, will come again. Finally, found a very good place for my car. ”

Yu Charles

“I have had a great experience with BCS Workshop. Good pricing, very transparent in progress, and good communication would highly recommend, and they will be receiving my return business.”

William Lamden

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BCS Workshop is the only choice for reliable, professional and affordable car services in Melbourne. Here is how we can help you keep your car safe and sound.

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