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The battery is your vehicle’s main source of electrical power. It gives power to the starter motor, fuel pump, engine control computer (when the driver turns the key) and allows the vehicle to start.

It also supplies power to the radio, headlights and other electrical components inside the car which provides entertainment and information to the driver. It is very important to make sure your battery and charging system in good working order, otherwise, you may get stranded with a vehicle that won’t start.


Having your battery inspected and charging system checked will give you peace of mind whenever you turn your vehicle off. Operating a vehicle with a failed battery or charging system can be dangerous. Your vehicle may stop suddenly, endangering your family and another motorist around you.
Symptoms that your battery may need to be replaced:

Vehicle will not start

Radio or headlights will not operate or are dim

Vehicle sluggish to start

If you think your car’s battery is not performing to its full potential, contactBCS Workshop today or visit our service centre in Mulgrave. You can have your battery checked with our Bosch battery test equipment and if necessary, we will replace a top-quality Bosch battery for your vehicle.


Engine Service & Repairs

Whether your car needs a complete engine overhaul, mechanical repairs or a simple tune-up. Our experts are ready to help.

Transmission Service & Repair

We offer specialist transmission servicing and repair just for you so you can stay on the road for longer, and enjoy the smooth ride you deserve.

Suspension & Shock Absorber Repairs

If your car is showing signs of worn-out suspension or steering, it is time that you see car service professionals like BCS Workshop to get them replaced.

Brakes Servicing & Repairs

Your brakes are critical to your safety. We can check the condition of all brake system components at regular intervals to keep you safe and sound.

Air Conditioning Services

Our car air conditioning experts will keep you cool all year-round with our comprehensive servicing, investigate and repair any leaks or regas services.

Battery Testing & Replacement

Having your battery inspected and charging system checked will give you a peace of mind you will never get stuck by the roadside.


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