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Jul 17, 2023

Why Is It Important To Service Your Car Regularly?

Regularly servicing your car is essential for it to work well for a long time. But many of us forget to do this because of our busy schedules. We only think about it when something breaks and the car stops working in the middle of the road. 

You may find leaving your vehicle at a service centre for a day inconvenient. However, it's much better than breaking down on a busy road or paying for costly repairs later.

So, it's imperative to be proactive and ensure your car gets regular servicing from a trusted car mechanic Melbourne. Doing this will keep your vehicle working for years to come.

A good car owner knows that servicing a car regularly is a smart decision with many benefits. Even if you're busy, it's worth taking your car to a trusted mechanic. This is primarily true if you use your vehicle for things like running errands and going to work a lot. 

If you're still unsure why car service is important, here are some benefits of regular car servicing by a good mechanic.

Why Car Service Is Important? 

Here’s why you shouldn’t ignore regular car maintenance:

    1. Ensures Safety

Cars serve a dual purpose, providing us with a means of transportation for both work and leisure. Determining the exact number of fatalities and severe injuries occurring on roads is difficult. However, data suggest that defective car parts cause a significant portion of car incidents. 

Consistent car servicing is crucial in reducing the number of injuries and deaths on the road. By enlisting the help of a reputable mechanic who specialises in car maintenance, you can safeguard your life and others.  

Car maintenance typically involves inspecting critical safety features, like the braking system, airbags, seatbelts, and speed limit warnings.

    2. Saves A Lot Of Money

At first glance, taking your car to a repair shop for regular servicing may seem expensive. However, you must consider the substantial amount of money you can save by providing your vehicle with the necessary maintenance. 

By visiting a reputable car repair shop, every aspect of your car will undergo a comprehensive inspection and evaluation. A trustworthy mechanic has the expertise to detect minor problems that could develop into major and costly ones if neglected.

It's both cost-effective and convenient to address minor repairs as they occur rather than allowing them to develop into significant problems. Regular car servicing can prevent costly replacements of car components like tyres, fuel pumps, transmissions, and alternators. By prioritising routine car maintenance, you can avoid these expenses altogether.

    3. Reliability & Optimal Vehicle Performance

If you take good care of your car, it will take care of you in return. Further, this ensures you reach your destination without any unexpected delays. Even minor but essential car servicing tasks, such as fluid changes, oil changes, and adjustments to various parts, can slow down the wear and tear process. 

Regular car servicing improves your vehicle's overall performance and reliability, boosting its overall rating.

    4. Increases Vehicle Resale Value 

Car values inevitably decrease over time. However, you can control the depreciation rate by ensuring regular car servicing. Regardless of mileage, all vehicles eventually belong to the second-hand market. If you plan to sell your car, remember that potential buyers are interested in the vehicle's service history. 

Generally, cars that have received little or no maintenance or have been infrequently serviced have a lower valuation than those that have undergone regular maintenance. If you desire to maximise your car's resale value & sell it quickly, routine car servicing is necessary. 

    5. Extends Vehicle Life  

Car models are designed to perform optimally for a specific period, with only a few able to provide service for decades. The longevity of your vehicle depends mainly on its regular maintenance by a reliable auto mechanic.

Minor unresolved issues are the primary culprits in reducing a car's lifespan, ultimately leaving it useless. Consulting a trusted auto mechanic can promptly address these minor issues, ensuring your vehicle serves you for many years.

    6. Minimise Pollution 

As responsible members of society, it's our duty to contribute to reducing our carbon footprint. One effective method of environmental conservation is through regular car servicing. 

Surprisingly, a car without routine maintenance can significantly contribute to environmental pollution. From fume emissions to the disposal of damaged parts, poorly maintained vehicles can adversely affect the environment.

Taking your car to a reliable mechanic ensures that it operates optimally. It further reduces the emission of noxious gases and wastes into the air, water, and land. 

What All Includes In Regular Car Maintenance?

When you take your car to a mechanic for servicing, they typically offer the option of a minor or major service. If you're uncertain about which one to choose and are following a logbook schedule, the decision is straightforward - the logbook outlines when a minor or major service is necessary. 

However, if you don't have a logbook or it's outdated, it can be challenging to determine which service is appropriate.

Here’s all what each services type includes: 

  • Minor Service

As part of a minor service, the standard procedure involves changing the oil and filter. Additionally, a thorough inspection is conducted on the car's fluids, brakes, tires, and other areas to detect any potential issues. It is recommended to have a minor service performed either after 10,000 km or one year following the last service.

  • Major Service: 

All the tasks performed during a minor service are included if you opt for this service. In addition, various major service items, such as replacing the timing belt, fuel filters, brake pads/shoes, Car battery replacement etc., depending on the vehicle's requirements. 

The frequency of a major service varies for each car, but it is usually recommended every third service, which is approximately 30,000 km or every three years.

The TakeAway

Maintaining your car's good condition is the key to enjoying it for many years. Whether you use it for your daily commute or long drives across the country, your vehicle must be in top form. Regular checkups can ensure that your car runs smoothly, regardless of how far you choose to go.

A routine checkup at a trustworthy car service shop ensures safety, high resale value, increased optimal performance, and longevity. 

So, if you are convinced of the importance of BMW car service in Oakleigh , make it a part of your schedule from now onwards. Find a reliable car mechanic that can offer efficient, affordable, and top-notch vehicle services that you can rely on.

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