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Apr 07, 2023

How to Find a Good Car Mechanic?

Over 80% of Australians fear getting ripped off by car mechanics. Hence, most choose to delay or completely skip their car service. You must pay attention to your car service for a long time to maintain its form and operations. And you may end up getting costly repairs or buying a new car eventually. 

No matter how much your neglect or delay, you’re still at the mercy of a car mechanic if you want a safe and satisfactory driving experience. But why do you need to find a mechanic for your vehicle?

Why Is Hiring A Car Mechanic Important? 

Repairing your car is complex and intense. Hence, car manufacturers often recommend hiring experts rather than doing it yourself. Most car owners don’t understand how their vehicles work or are maintained. As such, getting a vehicle worked on yourself can be intimidating. 

You may not necessarily detect the actual cause every time you experience some problem in your car. And even a small mistake while working with your car can put your and your car’s safety at stake. 

On the other hand, employing a professional car mechanic will ensure your car performs at its optimal best. They have the knowledge and experience of your make and model and can easily detect and resolve any underlying issues with it. Plus, they are equipped with all the tools and machinery required to repair your car. 

Hiring a professional car mechanic is essential to your vehicle’s safety, performance and longevity. 

How To Find A Good Mechanic In Your Area?

One of car owners’ most significant challenges is finding a good car mechanic. With thousands of car repair shops claiming to be good, finding the right one is tricky. 

Here are some tips to help you find a skilled and reliable mechanic to hand over your car and its maintenance. 

   1. Conduct Online Research 

The internet has given us the benefit of finding everything at our fingertips. So, make use of the internet to find a good mechanic. Before you start calling around, doing thorough online research can save you time. It is similar to researching a new car online. 

Start your search by looking for a car mechanic in your area. You can also go for a deep search to find commercial vehicle mechanics that serve the big fleets and companies nearby. Since they rely heavily on their fleets, you can find one or two trustworthy recommendations.  

Starting your search online will save you time and effort. You won’t have to drive for two hours whenever you need an oil change.  

   2. Create A Top Mechanics List Based On Reviews And Ratings

If you don’t find recommendations online, make a list of mechanics in your area based on the services you need and their reviews. You don’t necessarily have to rely on the internet for the same. Instead, ask your family, friends, colleagues, or neighbours where they take their cars for service.

Discuss with them what they like and dislike about their auto repair shops. Make sure to get their recommendations about what services to try and what to avoid at the mechanic.  

Besides, you can refer to online websites like Better Business Bureau or Yelp to get online reviews from other customers. But make sure to actually read the reviews and find out why a customer is or is not recommending a mechanic. 

When searching for mechanics specifically, make sure to refer to websites like AAA Auto Repair Network and CarTalks’ Mechanic Files. These websites show results specifically for vehicle-related searches and give you detailed reviews of multiple mechanics in one place.

   3. Look For Licensed Mechanics 

One of the most reliable ways to find a good mechanic is to ask for licenses or certifications. While customer reviews and ratings are helpful, finding a mechanic certified by the Victorian Automotive Chamber of Commerce (VACC). 

Only some mechanics have the required license, which will help narrow your search. Only skilled and trained mechanics earn such licenses, so you can rest assured you hire the right one. 

   4. Cheaper Isn’t Always Better

When searching for mechanics near you, you would find many saying, “We can do it cheaper”. While a cheaper price tag seems enticing, not everything that comes for cheap is even good. 

Also, pricing shouldn’t be the most critical factor when finding any service. Automotive repair shops employ skilled and talented staff that needs to be paid well for their services. Also, such shops will be well-equipped with advanced tools and machinery to work on your vehicles. 

You may not necessarily save on the services you seek from a good mechanic, but they will provide you with money-saving solutions. They may recommend cost-effective options and if they can wait for some time before going for parts replacement. 

   5. Find A Specialist

Another way to narrow down your search to find a mechanic is to look for a specialist. While every mechanic shop can repair or service a car, having a specialisation in working with your make and model can be an advantage. 

Specialised mechanics better understand the manufacturing of your car model and can take better decisions when working with your vehicle. They can also guide you better on how to maintain your vehicle regularly. And you can rest assured that they will use only genuine parts. 

No matter where you live, you can always find a mechanic specialising in certain vehicle types. Taking your vehicle to such a place will increase the likelihood that the mechanics have seen your problem before. This should translate to a quicker diagnosis and solutions. 

   6. Communicate Before Your Hire 

Once you have shortlisted some of the best mechanics near you, take time to reach out and interact with them. Give a call to all the technicians on your list and put forward a few questions. Be thorough with your interview, as you’ll want to cover all your basics here. Ask the following:

  • What makes and models do you service?
  • How many years of experience do you have?
  • Do you provide warranties on your work?
  • Will you provide a pick-and-drop service?
  • What is your payment policy?

Asking these questions to the mechanic face-to-face will get you more clarity than getting the answers online. You can also ask them questions about your car after they’ve worked on it. Face-to-face interaction will make you feel comfortable and confident.

The TakeAway 

You may find many car mechanics in your area, but only some of them deserve your trust, time and money. A good mechanic will offer the dedication, communication and confidence to deliver the best service. They will always be interested in building a long-term relationship with you and readily apply their skills and experience to your car.

And if you are looking for a licensed, skilled and friendly car mechanic in Melbourne, reach out to BCS Workshop. We have specialised teams of mechanics trained in specific make and models. Also, our car repair centres are fully equipped with advanced tools and machinery to work on your car. From minor service to accidental repairs and Car battery replacement Melbourne, We specialise in assisting various car brands, including Kia, BMW, Audi, and Volkswagen

For more details or to book your service, call us on (03) 9501 0011.

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