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Aug 18, 2023

5 Car noises that require immediate attention

Did you know that your car speaks to you? Although it uses its own sign language to communicate, it does give you indications about what it needs from you. Certainly, you may have heard your vehicle making unusual noises, such as a ticking sound from engine, or a whining noise when accelerating. Unfortunately, we often ignore our car making noises and then blame it for breaking down in the middle of the road. 

Being a leading local commercial car mechanic Melbourne, BCS Workshop has come across many vehicle owners complaining about their car engines making noises. Unfortunately, most car owners that come to us aren’t aware of the underlying cause behind the weird car noises. And they end up paying huge car repair bills. 

So, we thought to come up with this blog to guide all you car owners out there about some common car noises, their meaning and what solutions need to be done. Keep a note of these car engine noises to avoid hefty bills in future. 

5 Car noises that need immediate attention

It's really important to pay attention to the sounds your car makes because they can tell you if something is wrong. 

    1. Grinding or squealing brakes 

Why are my brakes squeaking? Ever came across such a situation while driving your car? Sometimes, when a car makes such a noise, it could mean there's a problem with the brakes. If you hear squealing or grinding sounds, it might be because the brake pads or shoes are worn out. 

In other words, there might not be enough thickness left on the pads to prevent the metal parts from rubbing against each other. If you notice this problem early on, you might only need to replace the brake pads.

If the problems with your brakes are not fixed, they can make your brakes stop working properly. This happens because the parts of the brakes that touch directly can harm the discs. When the brake parts get old and worn out, they become less effective and might stop working altogether. 

When this happens, your braking system becomes unsafe and hard to predict. Other reasons for brake failure could be that the brake callipers were put on incorrectly or have become loose. If you are hearing such sounds when driving your car, we suggest you take it to a professional repair shop near you for immediate inspection. 

    2. Whirring acceleration 

Engine whirring when your car is speeding up can happen because of three main reasons: worn-out universal joints, parts that need lubrication, or a faulty torque converter. Besides the various gaskets, hoses, and wires, your car's engine also has several belts that rotate.

As time passes, these belts can become longer or develop small breaks as they move rapidly around a set of wheels. This can also make a whirring noise. It's crucial to investigate this sound because replacing worn-out parts can stop serious issues from happening.

    3. Rattling steering wheels

Have you ever heard a noise when turning steering wheel at low speed? The shaking or rattling sound you hear from your car wheels might mean something is wrong with how they're connected to the car. For instance, one of the nuts holding the wheel in place might have become loose, causing it to rattle as the wheel rotates.

Strange sounds coming from your steering wheel might mean you don't have enough fluid to help with steering, or something might be wrong with a part inside the steering column.

Problems with these car parts can make it difficult to control your vehicle as the issue worsens, putting you and other cars at risk on the roads.

    4. Chirping or hissing engine

If you hear hissing sounds from your engine, it could mean that it's getting too hot or there's a blockage in the exhaust system or catalytic converter. Hissing could also indicate a leak in the vacuum. 

hese noises can happen if fluids from the engine leak into the hot exhaust parts. This can harm your engine and also pose a fire risk, so it's important to address the issue.

When you hear chirping sounds from your car, it could mean that the belt in the engine has become loose or damaged. Depending on the belt type, it might need to be adjusted or replaced. If you ignore these problems, they will worsen and become dangerous. Eventually, fixing them will become more expensive.

    5. Exhaust/rumbling pops

If your car makes a rumbling sound when you speed up, it might mean there's a hole in your muffler. Even though holes in the muffler won't harm how your car runs, they can be unsafe because they might let harmful fumes escape into your sitting area.

If you hear a popping noise too, it could indicate leaks in the fuel injector. This can harm the engine or make your car use more fuel and produce more pollution.

Some other types of car engine noises include:

  • Clunking noise can be a sign of issues with your transmission or auto clutch.
  • Knocking sound due to ignition-related issues, particularly the presence of fuel inside the cylinder. 
  • High-pitched sound indicates a problem with parts inside the engine, like the timing chain, piston rings, or valve train.

Ensure your car’s best performance with regular car maintenance

We often compel all our clients to bring their vehicles for regular car maintenance as it is the only way to ensure the best performance and safety. By keeping up with routine maintenance tasks, such as oil changes, air filter replacements, and spark plug inspections, car owners can minimise the risk of engine noises.

We have already discussed the major causes behind different car noises above. When you get your vehicle services regularly, each of the car components is inspected thoroughly and changed/cleaned/replaced/repaired as per their condition. This prevents your car from making weird noises that feel annoying and saves you a lot in unnecessary repairs later. 

In short, regular car maintenance helps identify and address potential issues before they escalate, ensuring that your engine operates quietly and smoothly for an extended period.

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How can BCS Workshop help car owners?

We are a reputed and experienced car mechanic in Melbourne and offer various vehicle maintenance services to our customers. Whether you need major or minor car service, logbook service, tyres and wheels service, commercial vehicle services and all sorts of car repairs. 

We can fix and maintain any type of car, including luxury cars and new ones. We also have great deals on service packages. Our skilled team has the newest technology to make sure your vehicle runs perfectly. 

Learn more about our services and see how you can leverage our offerings. 

The Final Say

Unusual sounds including chirping, tickling, whirling, and squeezing from your car can provide important information about its problems and suggest areas that need to be fixed. It's crucial to listen carefully if you hear anything strange and not ignore these noises. 

If you need BMW service in Melbourne or any other car model, including Kia, Volkswagen, Honda, Renault, Mazda, and more, BCS Workshop is your ultimate destination. Don't hesitate to contact BCS Workshop today for all your automotive needs.


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