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Have you suddenly experienced a punctured or a flat tyre and need a mechanic who can fix it for you in no time, you need the help of professionals from BCS Workshop.

At BCS Workshop, we provide reliable and fast service at our service centre in Mulgrave, so you can get behind your wheels and on the road as soon as possible. Our team of car mechanics is quick, highly trained and experienced in understanding the problem with your car’s tyres and recommend a timely solution.

What is needed – tyre repair or tyre replacement?

A punctured or a flat tyre while you are on the go can be pretty stressful. And especially when you are not sure what the remedy involves – a quick and affordable tyre repair or a time-consuming expensive tyre replacement.

That is where we at BCS Workshop take the stress away from you by closely inspecting the condition of your car tyres and recommending the best possible tyre repair or replacement service that will last for a long time too. We take the stress out of your mind by being transparent with the service we provide to ensure your car gets the best treatment it deserves and gets back on the roads quickly and efficiently. Our car repair and service centre is reliable, fast and efficient.

Why BCS Workshop for your tyre repairs?

Is your car facing any of the below issues? Most likely it needs a quick and affordable tyre repair service.

Our tyre repair services include:

  • punctures
  • small cuts in the tyre tread measuring up to 6mm
  • nail holes,

We may have to replace the whole tyre in case:

  • the puncture is bigger than 6mm on the tread of the tyre
  • the tyre is worn out below the indicator bars that are found in the tyre
  • there is a side wall puncture in your call.

We are the leader in stocking world's leading brands for tyres. If you are in need of new branded tyres of your car, we can supply you the right type of tyre that will solve the problem quickly.

For a thoroughly professional and prompt tyre repair service, contact the experienced tyre repair team at BCS Workshop today for a cost-effective quote. We are sure to never disappoint you with anything you want the car tyres to be treated for.


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