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At BCS Workshop, we stock a big range of car batteries that can easily fit many cars, 4-wheel drives, light-commercial vehicles and SUVs covering all makes and models.

It is no rocket science to understand that your car battery is one of the most important components of your car as your vehicle will be stationary if it does not have an efficient car battery. The battery is the source of energy in your car and provides the much needed power to run other accessories such as air conditioning, lighting, etc.

It is not easy to figure out the best car battery available in the market and you can be easily tricked by cheap imported car batteries. The trained technicians at BCS Workshop consider your driving habits, powered accessories inside your car, the climate and other factors to recommend the best battery for your car.

The difference BCS Workshop can make?

  • We have the expertise to suggest the best battery for your car that can suit your driving lifestyle.
  • Our service centre in Mulgrave houses high-quality, state-of-the-art equipment that can test your car’s battery life. This helps to assess the condition of the battery and suggest a timely replacement before your car breaks down on the freeway.
  • We stock branded and original car batteries that carry 12 to 36 months of warranty.
  • Our car batteries can suit a huge range of cars – regardless of their make or model.
  • We can also provide a professional filament for your car’s new battery.

The best part about engaging BCS Workshop for your car batteries is that we can recycle old batteries for you, so the hazardous materials they contain do not harm anything, not even our environment. Car batteries can be 99 per cent recycled and we make full use of this. We have partnered with a great battery recycling plant to recycle old car batteries, so we are not causing any harm to humans, wildlife and our nature.

How do you know your car battery is dying?

Some signs are very obvious. If your car doesn’t start, you know straightaway your car battery is dead. But other signs include stains and corrosions around the terminals of the car battery and how old the car battery is. If you are not using your car frequently or are giving less time for your battery to recharge itself, you are more likely to get a flat battery soon. So, it may be time for you to visit BCS Workshop and get your car battery checked thoroughly.

The specialised team at BCS Workshop understands the complications with car batteries and is here to give you the best advice so your car is always in good health. We will first check your current car battery using our state-of-the-art testing equipment and then recommend a replacement or a repair if needed.

If you think your car’s battery is not performing to its full potential, Contact BCS Workshop today or visit our service centre in Mulgrave. We use high-quality car batteries that come with long-term warranties. When you are with us, there is nothing to worry about your car because you know it is in safe hands.


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