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Car Air Conditioning Service

Summer can be a hard time to be on the roads especially when the air conditioning in your car is not working to its full potential. Never compromise the comfort of your family and yourself when on a drive in your car with our professional car air conditioning service.

At BCS Workshop we can help you with regular car air conditioning check-ups to quickly figure out if there are any faults with the air conditioning in your car and fix them timely. A faulty air conditioning can be the outcome of some hidden faults such as driving belt tension, refrigerant leakage inside, equipment mounting brackets or a faulty or loose compressor. There are a number of seals and hoses with your air conditioning inside the car that can cause its poor performance too. So it is extremely important to engage the right car mechanic for a comprehensive car air conditioning servicing and repair.

Benefits of fully functional air conditioning in your car

  • It keeps the air inside your car fresh and healthy.
  • It keeps your car cooler from inside during summers.
  • It helps to remove humidity from the windows – a feature that comes in very handy during winters or the rainy season.

If you experience any leakage from the coolant in your car or if you think the air conditioning is not at its 100 per cent, contact us today for a cost-effective and fully professional quote on your car’s air conditioning service.

Has your car started to stink suddenly? Do you think the smell comes from the vents? It is likely that bacteria have built up in the air vents in your car and this can raise a health concern for your family. Never leave a stinky car unattended. Show it to the experts today.

How BCS Workshop can help?

At our state-of-the-art service centre and workshop in Mulgrave, we house world-class equipment that can perform a full health check-up of your car’s air conditioning system and look for faults or damages that can occur over time.

Our checks, repairs and parts’ replacement will ensure the air conditioning in your car is back to running perfectly at all times and that your family enjoys each and every ride regardless of the weather.

Our comprehensive air conditioning services and repairs include:

  • Checking all valves and thermostats
  • Inspecting all components, hoses and seals
  • Inspecting pulleys and drive belts
  • Checking and filling in the refrigerant oil
  • Checking the condenser’s temperature
  • Reading the line temperature
  • Testing all system lines with a leak detector
  • Charging the system with the right refrigerant capacity and type.

Not just that, we look after the environment as well to ensure that any refrigerant gas that your vehicle can release is properly recycled, so it doesn’t spread in the environment and pollute it. Moreover, refrigerant gas can also damage the ozone layer that is extremely important to protect us from the harmful UV rays of the sun.

Call BCS Workshop today to Book your service or ask for a repair quote. Our professional attitude, trained team of mechanics and use of high-quality spare parts are sure to blow your mind away. We know you’ll keep coming back to us for your future car servicing needs too.


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